Lalique James Suckling 100 Points new glasses

The exclusive 100 Points collection of internationally acclaimed wine critic James Suckling and esteemed French crystal manufacturer Lalique now includes three new glasses: a Champagne coupe, a Cognac glass and a shot glass.

Embracing modern design with long-time tradition, the 100 Points by James Suckling Collection of glasses and decanters is a great success with discerning wine lovers around the world who look for quality and craftsmanship as well as functionality in their glassware. The unmistakable touch of Lalique gives a unique experience to wine drinking. It is truly an everyday luxury.

The collection now includes twelve designs:

With a name referring to the wine scoring system and a perfect wine, 100 POINTS is a collection that embraces a modern design and precise utility while exemplifying the established style of Lalique with the frosted texture on the distinctive engraved ribbed stem.

“Like everything in the collection, the three new glasses are incredibly functional yet they are beautiful at the same time,” James Suckling says. “Wine appreciate is more than just tasting effectively. It is also about aesthetics. These glasses are beautiful to look at but they are also wonderful to touch and hold in your hand. They literally touch all our sense when you use them".

Starting with the Universal glass, which enhances all types of wines, the rest of the range was produced following demand from primarily North America and Europe for larger wine glasses as well as different glassware. Suckling and Lalique spent months creating shapes for such classic wine categories as Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Cognac. Plus, they decided to go back to the traditional shaped water glass, which is the same height as a wine glass instead of popular stemless versions.

The small and large tumblers are perfect for whisky and long drinks, while the new shot glass is ideal for white spirits as well as sake and Shoju. The Cognac glass is higher and smaller than traditional shapes to emphasize the color and complexity of the spirit and not the alcohol. Meanwhile, the Champagne coupe is an object d'art making every glass of sparkling wine a festive moment in itself.

These classic regional wine glass shapes are excellent with many different wines. For example, the Bordeaux glass is excellent with more structured reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese while the Burgundy is better with aromatic reds such as Pinot Noir, Syrah and Nebbiolo.

“The Universal glass works with just about every wine”, maintains the wine critic. It originates from a wine glass James Suckling used for over 30 years tasting more than 160,000 wines.

The wine decanter design originates from an inspiration from a small collection of antique decanters Suckling owns. It resembles a British ship decanter from the 1870s but is modernized with Laliqueflair. The fondness of founder René Lalique for water carafes gave rise to the carafe, which is excellent with both wine and water. “Decanting wine is a necessity for old wines to remove their sediment. And most young fine wines - both red and white - improve with a short decanting. So, we need to create beautiful decanters“.

Lalique James Suckling 100 Points collection certainly brings pleasure and beauty to create a magnificent table and a unique wine experience.

For more information: 100points@lalique.fr