SIGNATURE Collection - Pierre-Yves Rochon & Lalique

“I have always admired René Lalique’s creativity and talent. With subtlety and excellence, he managed to perfectly marry the purity of glass with the precision of metal. Crystal is a noble material that beautifully serves all forms of art: from architecture or sculpture to tableware or jewellery... As an Interior Designer, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity. With this new Signature collection of furniture, I wanted to write a new story in which metal sublimates the transparency, purity and brilliance of crystal. The Vibration, Causeuses and Coutard pieces were born from the quest for the most beautiful aesthetic effect, the search for perfect proportions and the attention to every detail. Marked by the precision and the elegance of metal, the designs give crystal the freedom to blend in interior architecture and furniture design in a new manner. I am honoured to perpetuate René Lalique’s work, associating crystal and metal in my own turn.”

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