Lalique lends crystal elegance to set of new film, ‘5 to 7’

Lalique's distinct craftsmanship and signature crystal was showcased in a luxurious, cinematic setting to enhance the production and visuals of '5 to 7', premiering April 3rd in NYC at the Tribeca Film Festival.

An impressive array of Lalique crystal objets d’art were incorporated into the lifestyle of the characters including the XXL Spirales vase and bowl, amber Mossi vasegrey Bacchantes vase, Olympie lamps, Versailles lampAnemone sculptures, decantersebony Dragon cigar box and 100 Points stemware.

Director Victor Levin said, "In ‘5 to 7’, we wanted to make it clear that the Pierponts were wealthy. But wealth was not enough.  They also needed to have a high taste level.  And beyond that, they needed to have confidence in their own taste -- that is, they needed to show, in their tableware, stemware, vases, centerpieces, etc., that they were unafraid to make strong choices. Their things simply could not be "safe" or cliché.  Lalique, every piece of which makes a strong, confident aesthetic statement, was perfect for the Pierponts, and made just the impression we sought."