For the 100th anniversary of René Lalique’s Villa, the Hirondelles perfume bottle is re-issued for a Collector Edition

1920 – 2020: 100th anniversary of René Lalique’s Villa, in Wingen-sur-Moder, France.

René Lalique started to build the Villa in 1920 and chose to live there with his family during his stays in Alsace. Having been transformed into a five-star hotel with a restaurant with two Michelin stars, it has become a showcase for Lalique’s craftsmanship and flair, a heartfelt tribute to French Art de Vivre.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this mansion, the Hirondelles perfume bottle, designed by René Lalique in 1920, is re-issued in sapphire blue crystal, the colour of purity and freedom, for a Limited and Numbered Collector Edition of 100 pieces.

Through his work, René Lalique explored the decorative possibilities of flora, fauna and the female form. Among fauna, the swallow particularly inspired him, which he then made the centrepiece of many jewels and decorative objects. Herald of spring, symbol of happiness and freedom, the satin-finished swallows flutter gracefully on the tiara adorning the flacon. The precision of the design echoes the brilliance of crystal, fashioned by the hand of the artisans from the crystal factory.

This Limited Edition required all the know-how of the Lalique artisans. With precision choreography, four glass-masters gather the molten crystal, to fashion the body of the flacon using the technique of “Soufflé”. Appearing in 1913, the majestic tiara stoppers are a Lalique signature par excellence. Shaped by five glass-masters using the technique of “Pressé”, each stopper is cut, satin-finished and polished by hand for several hours. The flacon is then numbered, signed “Lalique France“ and engraved with the anniversary logo of the Villa René Lalique. Once filled with perfume, the flacon is sealed with a baudruchage and a gold thread around the collar. A pale gold coffret stamped with the swallow motif houses this prestigious Limited Edition.

Each flacon contains the Lalique de Lalique Perfume, a floral, feminine and radiant fragrance. In a silken swirl of fruity rose, heady jasmine and spicy clove flower, a cloud of delicately powdered iris suffuses the composition. In the heart notes, the fluttering, feminine bouquet is brightened with playful notes, vibrant green blackcurrant leaf lacing suave pear and sweetly musky blackberry. The fruity floral sillage then subsides into a blend of vanilla, sandalwood and white musk, as delicate as a flight of swallows.


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