Eight Decades Decanter By James Turrell x Lalique x The Glenturret

May 2023 marks the launch of the Eight Decades decanter, a collaboration between Lalique, The Glenturret, Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery and renowned American artist James Turrell! Eight Decades is an ultra-limited-edition decanter – just 80 worldwide – created as a celebration of the artist’s 80th year and a poetic tribute to generations of craftsmanship. Following the launch of two perfume bottles and beautiful light panels, this is the third time James Turrell has collaborated with Lalique, creating a perfect tryptich. With this collaboration it is the first time that the celebrated artist has created pieces of art on a small scale, as well as the first time he has worked on a whisky decanter.

Realising the artist’s vision for Eight Decades required an immense amount of design work, from drawings to mould manufacturing, hot glass trials and prototypes. The final design of the Eight Decades decanter has a perfect, pared down silhouette: flowing curves combined with tapered lines and a rectangular base.

Eight Decades is priced at £80,000 and will be primarily available for pre-orders as of May through privateclient@theglenturret.com.