The Macallan M decanter: Mastery in the power of three

The Macallan has partnered with Lalique and renowned creative director Fabien Baron with a single objective: to create the world’s most sophisticated single malt whisky, contained in a beautifully designed and meticulously crafted crystal decanter.

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Satine, Lalique new feminine fragrance

Lalique has taken its inspiration from the fluidity, delicacy and sensuality of satin to sculpt a woman in its image and compose her eponymous perfume: Satine. Grace and femininity accompany Satine in the busy Parisian life whose every moment she savours. Her days follow one after the other, each different from the last, driven by her passion for beauty and her thirst for discovery, which take her from the banks of the Seine to her photography studio, from the Trocadéro gardens to hip evening events. Rather than dreaming her life away, Satine prefers to live out her dreams.

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Flying B, Lalique for Bentley

Continuing the tradition of René Lalique’s legendary car mascots, Flying B, emblem of the British luxury car icon, celebrates both the richness of Lalique's past and its stunning modernity. The dynamic of its wings, wrought in gleaming crystal, epitomizes timeless beauty while evoking lightness, speed and elegance.

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