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Amethyst Éclat, Lalique new feminine fragrance

Since it was launched in 2007, Amethyst has become a genuine icon in Lalique’s collection of feminine fragrances, a cross-generational success it owes to its modern, sophisticated composition, a luscious berry garden enhanced with woody, musky dry-down notes. Both the fragrance and the bottle were inspired by the “Épines” bathroom accessory collection created in 1913 by René Lalique. Its delicately interlaced design of brambles, raspberries and blackberries epitomizes the artist’s fascination with the bounty of nature, which he celebrated throughout his career. Seven years onward, the saga continues with Amethyst Éclat. Seven? A magic number. Like the seven wonders of the world, the seven colors of the rainbow or the seven capital sins, including gourmandizing which Amethyst indulges with playful refinement. This new offering draws its inspiration from the bountiful oeuvre of René Lalique by revisiting the peony, often stylized by the artist in elegant Art Deco motifs. It was just beginning to bloom in Amethyst’s berry garden. In Amethyst Éclat, it is in full blossom, radiant and majestic – it is considered the queen of flowers in China, where it is a symbol of wealth, prestige, love and beauty. Amethyst Éclat sparkles with the pure, bright, exhilarating scent of peony – a flower the French writer Colette called “a blaze of petals” in For a Herbarium. Enhanced by exceptional ingredients and a refined presentation, Amethyst Éclat is a fragrant translation of the boundless creativity of the artist known as the Sculptor of Light.

Between Amethyst and Amethyst Éclat, the raspberry, blackcurrant and blackberry accord runs like a red thread… Or rather, like the succulent trickle of juice that seeps between your fingers when you pick sun-gorged berries between the brambles. It is from this luscious garden that Nathalie Lorson, who authored both fragrances, plucked the radiant peony which lights up the heart of her new
offering. Already present in the original version, its rosy, dewy scent makes the fruity notes sparkle like gems. This vibrant, effusive and sparkling peony is softened by the slightly lemony accents of magnolia and exquisite rosebuds. Violet adds a final touch to this tenderly blushing palette. Its powdery fragrance, which lends its facets to rose and raspberry, binds the playful fruity floral accords to
the mysterious sensuality of the wood, vanilla and musk dry-down.

Top Note: Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Nashi Pear.
Heart Note: Peony, Magnolia, Bulgarian Rose Essence.
Dry-Down Note: Violet Wood, Blackberry, Musks.

Amethyst Éclat is poured into a streamlined glass column crowned with a square cap, their stylish amethyst shading echoing the color of the first Amethyst opus. In this new offering, elegant peonies are added to the signature silver hot-stamped motif. On the delicately rose-hued box, the bramble, blackberry and raspberry motifs are embossed, while the peonies are hot-stamped in silver. The name of
the fragrance, the Lalique logo, the top and the bottom of the box also reprise the color of the original Amethyst. This bottle is offered in two sizes: 50 and 100 ml. The small cubic bottle is an exquisite  jewel that reprises the line’s bramble, blackberry, rapsberry and peony motif, directly sculpted on glass in an amethyst color shading. The motifs are also engraved on the silver metal plaque that crowns the top of the cap, and hot-stamped in silver on the top of the box. These final touches of refinement turn the precious 30 ml bottle into the “must-have” of the Amethyst Éclat collection.