A Steinway & Sons piano designed by Lalique

Steinway & Sons launched its new piano designed by Lalique, Heliconia, at its factory in Hamburg on November 24th. 

Heliconia, designed by Lalique is the fruit of an extraordinary collaboration between two luxury brands, each committed to the highest quality and craftsmanship. Their shared quest for perfection make Steinway & Sons and Lalique the ideal partners. Both have been shaped by a long and close relationship with the arts and subsequently, share the sheer joy in creating something beautiful for generations to come.

Steinway & Sons has been synonymous with the highest standards in quality for over 160 years; master to apprentice, generation after generation, every Steinway is built with decades of experience, by artisans who take pride in ‘building the best piano possible’, as once stated by Henry E. Steinway.

To build an instrument combining the best of Steinway & Sons with the best of Lalique, the designers decided to work with a signature motif from the Lalique archives: the Heliconia flower, originally created by Marie-Claude Lalique, granddaughter of René Lalique. The 75 Lalique crystals that decorate each piano are all pressed, fashioned, cut, engraved, polished and signed at the Lalique factory in Alsace; each crystal is then carefully placed on every individual piano at the Steinway factory in Hamburg. 

The result is a beautiful piece of art, which showcases Lalique’s style of contrasting clear and frosted crystal finishes. Available in black or white as grand pianos on eu.steinway.com.