In collaboration with the Latest Revival, Lalique is proud to celebrate ‘Femme’ – one of the central themes within Lalique’s heritage. Discover 5 women of influence who have turned passion into their career and who certainly do not lack a sense of style.

Lalique is committing a percentage of proceeds to the online sale of the selected Lalique pieces to each woman’s charity of choice, through October 21st.


CEO & Founder of the Latest Revival

Dalia Oberlander, CEO & Founder of the Latest Revival describes, “As a female-owned and operated company, strong women are the back bone of our DNA. Women create new energy and breathe life into our experiences and growth and we honor their verisimilitude. Latest Revival is excited to celebrate the power of femininity together with Lalique!”

Dalia Oberlander is a natural creative – seamlessly weaving together different brands and artists from all sorts of mediums to create a freshly unique narrative.

Her infatuation with Lalique has been longstanding. Like many, she first learned of our creations after it was passed down from her mother and has incorporated classic pieces such as the Two Lovebirds and the Champs-Élysées Bowl into her home. She chooses to pair her Lalique with the contemporary – referencing the Banksy and Ghada Amer that hang on her walls.

Her favorite piece of the moment is the Bacchantes, “I’m really into the references of Greek Mythology and modern take on the narrative. The iridescent bronze Lalique vase gives off the most beautiful light and has the complexity and tonality of deep golden, lustrous jewels. It’s stunning!”

Lalique is committing a percentage of proceeds to Bedford Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School for each Bacchantes Vase, medium size in bronze, sold online through October 21st.


Equestria, Founder of the Rider’s Closet and Chair of Humane Generation for the Humane Society of the United States

Georgina Bloomberg is a woman whose name holds an incredible weight, but she has paved her own way, leading with her words and actions. She is a professional equestrian and avid philanthropist.

On what it means to be feminine, she gives a fresh take – “I have never been stereotypically feminine or into pink or hearts or anything else that people associate with being a girl. As a girl you are expected to act and dress in a certain way, and that was never me. I like wearing black, bold colors, and am most comfortable in riding or workout clothes. It’s not because I don’t like dressing up or making an effort, but I like showing off the fact that I am an athlete and strong. My style choices in my home and in the way I present myself may not be considered [traditionally] feminine, but I believe that feminine is a term that is being redefined with every generation and with every strong girl who realizes that they can be whoever they want to be.”

Part of what it means to be a modern woman is finding strength and influence and more importantly, what it means to have it.

Georgina explains her take on it – “Having an influence over others is not something I see as a power or something to be taken for granted. It’s something that I have worked for in my own right and take very seriously.

A pioneer of her own path, she evokes the same spirit of innovation that Lalique continues to strive for.

Georgina’s passion lies in equestrianism, her love of horses and animals has inspired her to veer towards a natural boldness and athleticism – both in personal style and character.

Her Lalique creation of choice is the Horse Sculpture saying, “My Lalique selection is a good representation of how I want to be viewed by others. Beautiful not because of how we look, but because of the free spirit and strength that we exhibit,”.

This sculpture is inspired by the Arabian Thoroughbred - Nicknamed "prince of the desert", the oldest race, the Arabian thoroughbred is renowned for its extreme flexibility, its aerial paces and great intelligence. It is undisputed as the master of endurance and is both beautiful and sporty, with a good mind. This galloping Arab thoroughbred comes to life in Lalique crystal.

Lalique is committing a percentage of proceeds to the Humane Society for each Horse Sculpture sold online through October 21st.


Managing Director and Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christie's and author

Lydia Fenet is our modern day inspiration, a woman of many titles - Managing Director and Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christie’s, charity auctioneer, best-selling author and mother, she represents a mix of power and style.

When asked about what makes an influential woman influential, she says “An influential woman is one who passes along her knowledge to everyone around her in hopes that they can learn from her failures and successes. She goes after what she wants with abandon, and brings others along with her.”

Style is as personal as it is universal. At Lalique we incorporate an array of motifs and themes into a repertoire of stunning crystal creations, each unique and personal.

Lydia’s Lalique choice is the Anemones Vase, stating “I love the [Anemones] because it looks so simple, but when you get close you can [really] see the incredible workmanship [of each flower].”

With the Anemone collection, Lalique gives a fresh insight into this creation transfigured to vases available in several sizes and colors, bowls, perfume bottles, and votives. Fashioned in satin-finished and re-polished crystal, emblematic of Lalique, the flowers are juxtaposed in a graphics play on repetition, capturing the ephemeral beauty of flowers.

Lalique is committing a percentage of proceeds to The River Fund for each Anemones Vase, medium size in clear, sold online through October 21st.


Founder of Paramour Films and Jewelry Designer

Part of what defines a modern #FemmedeLalique is having a drive and passion that holds special meaning. For Michelle Campbell Mason, she has built her career on pursing interests and causes that stem from her own passions – leading her to become a multi-talented film and television producer, writer and actress.

“My passion is history and finding the common thread between the past and the present, whether it is in fashion, tv, or politics. Studying the past and finding patterns and connecting to other times though human struggle is deeply compelling and I find that knowledge to propel me though life and work with a fresh perspective. I started my production company Paramour Films to introduce the world to daring, powerful and fascinating women from our past that have been left out of the historical narrative.”

A master of all trades, Michelle also shares the same inclination towards jewelry as our founder René Lalique did, with her namesake label Michelle Campbell Jewelry. Her style can be described in three words as a clean, modern elegance.

Each Lalique creation is crafted by artisans with an in-depth know-how that has been passed on for generations. Lalique crystal is both strong yet delicate, harsh yet soft and is able to exhibit incredible detail.

Michelle’s Lalique piece of choice is the Rhinoceros sculpture, “There were so many beautiful pieces, but what really got me with the rhino was a memory on safari in Africa when I learned about their battle against poachers. I think that the danger to this majestic creature [and all animal kind] should be something we are reminded of.”

Inspired by the fauna of the jungle, wild animal sculptures have long been part of the Lalique bestiary. The purity of the satin-finished and polished crystal, the brand's hallmark, contrasts with the powerful design of these symbols of strength and power.

Lalique is committing a percentage of proceeds to The River Fund charity for each Rhinoceros Sculpture in clear sold online through October 21st.

Sarah Arison

Founder and President of the Arison Arts Foundation

As with anything, passion is what drives us to create and lead with purpose. Lalique was created through René Lalique’s own passion to create and express his visions through all forms of artistry.

Today, passion still remains at the central core of the brand and helps define feminity.

Sarah Arison exemplifies this practice, sharing, “My passion is to empower artists from all disciplines to pursue a life in the arts. This has led me to my career as the President of Arison Arts Foundation which supports emerging artists and the institutions that foster them. [I’ve been able to take my own passion and interests and help pay it forward]. My largest role in that capacity is as Chair of the National YoungArts Foundation which identifies the most accomplished young artists in the United States and provides them with creative and professional development opportunities throughout their careers. I feel so lucky to get to spend my days working with such incredibly talented artists that it truly never feels like a job- I look forward to what I do every day!”

One of the most enduring of the Lalique universe is the Mossi - René Lalique designed this flagship piece in 1933, and it has become a genuine interior design accessory of modernity, the Mossi plays on the contrast between the brilliance of its cabochons and the frosting of its base. The kaleidoscopic effect of the Mossi Vase is both a stroke of creative genius and a feat of technical mastery.

Sarah Arison has highlighted the Mossi as her piece of choice highlighting that, “I love this piece because it is simple and classic enough to really go in any space, yet interesting because of the great texture and color, which isn't exactly neutral yet can go with so much.”

Lalique is committing a percentage of proceeds to National YoungArts Foundation charity for each Mossi Vase in amber sold online through October 21st.