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Modern jewellery finds its architectural showcase


After nearly sixty years, two exceptional houses anchored in the French arts, Lalique and Opéra national de Paris, once again join together to celebrate their collaboration.

Lalique jewellery take the stage!

Opéra national de Paris offers an exceptional showcase to Lalique jewellery through a unique association in two acts: a fine jewellery collection called Adrienne in homage to tragediennes Adrienne Lecouvreur and Sarah Bernhardt, and a selection of emblematic Lalique costume jewellery available for the first time in the Bastille and Garnier opera gift shops.

Act 1: dramatic fine jewellery

When the national Opéra de Paris was erected, Charles Garnier breathed bold new architectural winds over the city, while René Lalique signed the modern jewellery revolution. Immediately, bonds between Lalique and the Opéra were woven in threads of dreams that revolved around stage jewellery.

When Sarah Bernhardt played The Princess Far-Away by Edmond Rostand, her head was adorned with a tiara of lilies specially designed by Lalique, replicated by Mucha, and used by the role’s performer at the Opéra.

René Lalique’s daughter Suzanne would in turn work with the Opéra de Paris on Dialogues of the Carmelites by Francis Poulenc, giving a unity of style to the set and costumes.

From living jewels to living spectacle

Today, both grand houses come together around Adrienne to celebrate Sarah Bernhardt. An exclusive fine jewellery collection inspired by the lilies that adorned the tiara of “La Divine with the golden voice”, the René Lalique muse, and the famous opera, Adriana Lecouvreur, in the role of a beautiful, free woman whom the tragedienne was the first to incarnate in 1880. Thus Lalique returns to its roots to better anchor itself in modernity and renew its connection to the Opéra.

A tribute to the breath-taking realism of “living jewels” by Lalique and the “living spectacle” of the national Opéra de Paris, the Adrienne collection creates emotion between tradition and revolution.

Act 2 : iconic costume jewellery

Taking its inspiration from the work of René Lalique, who was a fine jeweller before becoming a master glass maker, the House of Lalique combines its know-how with the prestigious Opéra national de Paris under the lights of the brilliant blue crystal of the Icône collection. This Art Deco inspired motif of seven gadrooned lines sculpted in crystal recalls all of the poetry of the traditional seven-string lyre, a timeless opera favourite. The delectable round-cut cabochon in this Lalique crystal dotted with enamel comes in rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

The Aréthuse and Muguet collections of Art Nouveau inspiration complete this selection of iconic jewellery, while elegant cufflinks in stainless steel and sculpted crystal are available for men.

A new breed of Lalique jewellery breathes an exciting whiff of modernity over the Opera: more chic and poetic than ever!

Lalique & Opéra national de Paris collaboration

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