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Lalique & Delisle


Lalique and Delisle present Ginkgo, a lighting collection combining the haute couture know-how of the master of crystal with the master of bronze art.

Detail of the Ginkgo chandelier, Lalique & Delisle

Combining the crystal purity and harmony of shapes...

This alliance revives a great accord between the two houses, who have already met in the past. This new project is inspired by a chandelier from the 1930s; which was designed for the hotel Intercontinental and pulled out of the archives of Delisle.

The collection is inspired by the timeless beauty of ginkgo biloba, an Eastern sacred tree a symbol of longevity, hope and prosperity. It consists of chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall sconces and lamp, all featuring pure clean geometric forms in an Art- Deco spirit. The sparkle of satin finished crystal meets the precision of the engraved bronze lines.

Throughout history artists have always been fascinated by the aesthetics of ginkgo; often called “tree of a thousand crowns” in reference to the golden rain of his leaves in autumn. As adornments, these luminaires decorate the finest interiors and integrate naturally in the most creative spaces in modern design.

Detail of the Ginkgo ceiling lamp, Lalique & Delisle

Luxury, excellence and creativity

Combining the crystal purity and harmony of shapes, Ginkgo shows rigor in design, perfect proportions and the search for excellence in every detail. From the first pencil stroke to the last touch, each work coming out of the workshop is the result of a dialogue between the eye and the hand, the study of technical solutions in search of the most beautiful effect.

The result of a handcrafted precision, the collection embodies the core values of the two great houses. Both of whom have defined their expertise for generations as: luxury, excellence and creativity.

Lalique & Delisle, Ginkgo collection

For further information on the Ginkgo lighting collection, please do not hesitate to contact us.