Our founder René Lalique was a keen observer of the world, who found in nature a fertile source of inspiration. The master artist knew how to dissect and examine the natural world in all its aspects, forms and structures in order to capture the essence, the spark of life. Some 130 years later, we are proud to propagate our know-how through Lalique Art’s collaborations with contemporary artists such as Arik Levy.

A multidisciplinary talent – sculptor, designer, photographer – and above all inquisitive to the core, Arik Levy does not copy nature, he brings it to life, just as René Lalique did before him. A convincing example of this is the imposing RockStone, which took root in the grounds of Villa René Lalique hotel-restaurant in Alsace. The endless play of light upon the surface of this piece is ample evidence that Arik Levy’s sculpture does not merely reflect its surroundings.

Two years after this encounter, we have the good fortune to see RockStone 40 emerging from our furnaces. A mineral apparition in Lalique crystal, coloured green, blue, amber or clear. These elements of nature are configured by Arik Levy to reveal the breath of infinity that objects can convey.

Silvio Denz, Chairman and CEO, Lalique S.A.


The new series of Rockstone 40 finds its colour inspiration from the aurora borealis, the natural effect that is a result of the magnetic atmosphere in the North Pole. The magnetic, mystic and spiritual power attributed to crystal, takes here a turn of colour and connection to our powerful nature and its extraordinary effects.

Having personally experienced the aurora borealis in the far north of Finland, brings back a unique memory of its visual and physical and mystic sensation. The colours I have given to my new RockStone40 sculpture are a direct expression of these moments and feelings.

Every move we make on earth at any given moment of our life is a variation of North, South, East and West coordinates. That influences our life, time, body, vision, feelings and every possible sense we possess. We are also often attracted to one direction and orientation more than another, and that is when we carry with ourselves the beauty of intuitive action and its related experiences.


In collaboration with Lalique Art, Arik Levy has reinterpreted in crystal “Rock”, his signature sculpture that has made his worldwide reputation. Magnified by the reflections on the Lalique crystal, this mineral form, 40 centimetres in height, reveals multiple facets, ridges and intertwined lines, sometimes repeated, sometimes transformed.

A futuristic yet primitive form, executed according to a unique savoir-faire, RockStone 40 was conceived by Arik Levy as a “journey to the centre of the earth”. These sculptures in pure crystal come in four colours found in nature: amber, blue, green and clear. Each colour version is produced in a limited edition of eight.


Arik Levy is a multitalented artist, whose many forms of expression include sculpture, painting, photography, design and video. He claims “55 years - his age - of creative endeavour”.

Self-taught, born in Israel, he moved to Europe after his first participation in a group exhibition in Tel Aviv in 1986, and founded his art and design studio in Paris in 1992.

Arik Levy made a name for himself amongst art lovers, but also in the world of design – creating furniture, interiors, jewellery, lightings, corporate identities, clothing lines ... – and in the field of contemporary dance through his stage settings.

Inspired by primitive forms and materials, which he perceives both emotionally and scientifically, Arik Levy has seen his creations exhibited in galleries and museums and permanently installed in public spaces. He is currently working on the official commission of a monumental sculpture for the Hermitage Modern Contemporary Museum in Moscow, which will be installed in late 2019 on the forecourt of the future museum.

Arik Levy and Lalique Art

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