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Contemporary artists

The excellence of Lalique in the company of Contemporary Art


20th century artists

A new look at iconic pieces of the twentieth century.

"I have been fascinated and inspired by art all my life.

As far back as 1998, I was introduced to Pascal Retelet, curator of the artist Arman and owner of galleries in various European countries. Out of the friendship that grew up between us, numerous joint projects in the artistic domain emerged. One of these was closely related to Lalique. The French crystal maker possesses an unprecedented mastery of diverse forms of creative expression, with designs that have always been at the interface between art and décor. I acquired Lalique in 2008, intent on reinvigorating the brand with the sort of creative energy René Lalique brought to its inception. Henceforth, Pascal and I shared the idea of putting one of France’s most iconic crystal manufacturers at the service of leading contemporary artists."

Silvio Denz, Chairman and CEO, Lalique S.A.

Through the Lalique Art Division, Lalique partners with leading figures in the contemporary art world, as well as art foundations and exceptional designers, joining forces to create unique and rare pieces. The division offers artists fresh inspiration and motifs, opening new horizons through the interplay of light transparency, colour and contours. The magical fusion of art and crystal creates a new dimension, a new form of expression for works of art.