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Let there be « silky » light!

Lalique and Fabric Frontline, linked by the same passion for craftsmanship and creativity, get together in an exceptional collaboration to launch a first scarf collection.

A Swiss & French craftsmanship by four hands

Fabric Frontline, silk and precious fabrics specialist for thirty years, put the expertise of its craftsperson at Lalique’s creations to offer this scarf collection and honours the demanding standards of the “Made in Switzerland” label with finishes-handmade.

A real work by four hands in the perfect tradition of the two houses that reinvent here a common heritage of fabric for it to be born again under the sign of two models in the Art Nouveau style : “Precious Garden” and “Imperial Feathers”.

A tribute to René Lalique muses

In the early 20th century, René Lalique, a master jeweller, dressed the coquettish ladies of Tout-Paris both on stage and in everyday life. Women were his muses, actress Sarah Bernhardt leading the way, and he created for them a new style that quickly became a must-have (jewelry, handbags, ornaments, diadem). Among his creations, a few silk scarves in which nature inspired motifs are embroidered with gold threads showing shimmering butterflies, wheat stalks and daisy petals.

Starting from the Art Nouveau master’s drawings from the house’s archive collection, the Lalique and Fabric Frontline designers, loyal to their exceptional graphic expertise, redesigned and recomposed a selection of emblematic motifs to reveal these two new creations.

Precious Garden

This motif, printed on the silk thanks to the traditional flat-screen technique, features a precious and delicate nature. Immersed in a flowery garden, where lilies-of-the-valley and daisies vibrate to the motion of slender butterfly wings, a woman unveils her delicate profile.

This creation comes in silk twill as a tribute to the silky work of the butterfly which René Lalique admired so particularly in his naturalist creations of the Art Nouveau period. Fleeting tokens of love and beauty, they wander here on daisy petals. A dance recalling two models in silk crepe designed by René Lalique and exhibited in 1907, one embroidered with butterflies, the other with daisies. The lily-of-the-valley bell that René Lalique prized completes this garden. It is still now an emblematic flower of Lalique Jewellery collections.

Imperial Feathers

This motif is realized thanks to a high definition digital printing technique, which is the only one to allow infinite colors shades. It features several symbols evoking the myth of eternity. Adorned with a majestic feather headdress, the woman unveils her gracious profile, surrounded by symbols dear to the jewelry maker: the Phoenix, mythic bird eternally reborn from its ashes; the Peacock, solar bird showing its brilliant colors; or the multiple loops of the Ardente motif intertwined endlessly.

Scattered across the centre of the silk, lilies pay a tribute to the crown of the same name that the artist jeweller designed for Sarah Bernhardt at the end of the XIXth century; the Ardente motif crowns two peacock feathers and both Houses signatures, Lalique & Fabric Frontline.

Lalique & Fabric Frontline collaboration

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