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Only items sold in Lalique boutiques, authorized resellers and on the website are certified by Lalique.

Certified items by Lalique are the only items that receive a guarantee of authenticity.

If a Lalique item is found at an unauthorized dealer or website, do not trust it as it may be counterfeit.  To avoid fraudulent items, purchase Lalique from the Lalique boutique, or an authorized reseller.

Each Lalique item has a Lalique signature below or on the lower part of the object. This signature acts as an indicator but does not guarantee the authenticity of the product.

Care Advice


We advise you to wash your LALIQUE items by hand. As crystal is sensitive to thermic shocks, use warm water, at a constant temperature, with a mild soap and a soft sponge. Do not use a metallic pad or a scraping sponge. Let pieces drain, then dry gently with a towel.

Glasses:  When drying them, do not hold the glass by its foot. By holding the foot of the glass, you could create torsion and break its stem.
Decanters: Avoid letting any wine remain in a decanter and rinse after use with warm water. Let all humidity evaporate by draining the decanter in an upside-down position, placing absorbent paper towels in the decanter’s neck and not putting back the stopper immediately. If there is a white film in the decanter, pour some cooking salt and a half a liter of vinegar in the decanter, then shake and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Vases:  Change water regularly.  You may put aspirin in the water to limit the proliferation of bacteria.

We advise against the use of the dishwasher as we recommend hand washing of crystal items. The risks of damage caused by the use of the dishwasher depend on how much calcium there is in the water, how hot the water temperature is, and how abrasive the detergent employed is.
However, if you wish to wash your LALIQUE crystal in the dishwasher, here are a few instructions you should follow:
- Select (according to the make of your dishwasher) the fragile or delicate setting, at a moderate temperature.
- Place your items with care into the dishwasher and make sure they are stable and far enough from other items to prevent any shock.
- Preferably use liquid detergent or a gel appropriate for delicate articles (mention should be made specifically on the packaging), and avoid compact powders). Take care not to exceed the amount indicated.
- Regulate the distribution of salt in your dishwasher according to the concentration of calcium in the water.
- Open the door of the dishwasher as soon as the program is over to prevent the development of steam, which could cause deposits.

- All crystal glasses or tumblers with particularly heavy bottoms must be set down on their bottom sides rather than upside down.
- Never place one glass on top of another.
- Always place your crystal items down delicately, especially on a hard surface such as metal, marble, or steel.