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10362900.jpg Angélique vase, Limited edition to 99 ex $49,500.00
10362200.jpg Avallon Vase, Amber crystal $2,200.00
10362100.jpg Fantasia vase, Midnight blue crystal $1,500.00
Flamme emaillé noir.jpg Flamme - Vase Numbered Edition, Black enameled and Clear crystal $6,500.00
10363900v2.jpg Flamme vase $6,500.00
10362600.jpg Ispahan vase, Amber crystal $5,000.00
10362400.jpg Medusa vase Large size, Midnight blue crystal $4,300.00
10361900.jpg Medusa vase Small size, Midnight blue crystal $995.00
10362500.jpg Mossi vase, Midnight blue crystal $3,950.00
10258400.jpg Mossi XXL Vase, Black cristal $14,900.00
10364000v2.jpg Oran vase, Numbered Edition $9,900.00
10055400.jpg Tourbillons Vase, Black crystal $7,500.00
10362300.jpg Turtle vase, Midnight bue crystal $3,950.00
10361800.jpg Twig vase, Midnight blue crystal $575.00
Rayons-vase-pm-ss-incolore-clear.jpg Rayons - Small size vase, clear crystal $2,300.00
10107300.jpg Acacia Vase, Clear crystal $1,030.00
10107600.jpg Acacia Vase, Red crystal $1,200.00
1250900.jpg Arabesque Vase, Clear crystal $395.00
10065300.jpg Avallon Vase, Clear crystal $1,700.00
10119500.jpg Bacchantes Vase XXL, Clear crystal - Numbered Edition $17,000.00
1220020.jpg Bacchantes Vase, Amber crystal - Hommage Edition $6,800.00
1220000.jpg Bacchantes Vase, Clear crystal $5,900.00
10065800.jpg Bacchantes Vase, Grey crystal $7,500.00
1221900.jpg Bagatelle Vase, Clear crystal $1,350.00
10329400.jpg Baies Vase, Clear crystal $4,700.00
10329500.jpg Baies Vase, Red crystal $5,500.00
1249500.jpg Blossom Vase, Clear crystal $395.00
1249700.jpg Blossom Vase, Gold crystal $485.00
10065200.jpg Boulouris Vase, Clear crystal $1,425.00
1268200.jpg Bucolique Vase, Clear crystal $5,500.00
1259400.jpg Button Roses Vase, Clear crystal $3,200.00
10065400.jpg Courlis Vase, Green crystal $2,600.00
1257700.jpg Daffodil Vase, Clear crystal $900.00
1223000.jpg Dampierre Vase, Clear crystal $950.00
Edelweiss-vase-mm-ms-incolore-clear.jpg Edelweiss - Medium size vase, clear crystal $795.00
Edelweiss-vase-pm-ss-incolore-clear.jpg Edelweiss - Small size vase, clear crystal $595.00


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