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anemone-bleu-lavande.jpg Anémone sculpture, small size, blue lavender dichroic crystal $125.00
anemone-incolore.jpg Anémone sculpture, small size, clear crystal $125.00
anemone-bleu-clair.jpg Anémone sculpture, small size, light blue crystal $125.00
anemone-violet-clair.jpg Anémone sculpture, small size, light purple crystal $125.00
anemone-rouge.jpg Anémone sculpture, small size, red crystal $125.00
3000500.jpg Fish Sculpture Turquoise $99.00
sculpture-flore.jpg Flore sculpture, clear crystal $450.00
10139500.jpg 2 Colombes Sculpture Large size, Clear crystal $525.00
1211900.jpg 2 Parrots Sculpture $845.00
1216700.jpg 2 Wild Horses Sculpture $15,000.00
1193800.jpg Acrobat Arms Up Figure $2,200.00
1193700.jpg Acrobat Leg Up Figure $2,200.00
1161400.jpg Anemone Sculpture Clear $295.00
1194800.jpg Aphrodite Nude Figurine Small $450.00
10350200.jpg Aphrodite small Nude figure, opalescent $650.00
1165600.jpg Bamara Lion Sculpture Clear $2,100.00
10139900.jpg Bamara Lion Sulpture Amber $2,600.00
10140200.jpg Buddha Sculpture Clear SS $1,475.00
10370600.jpg Butterfly Rosee Sculpture, Blue luster crystal $295.00
1217500.jpg Butterfly Rosee Sculpture, Clear crystal $250.00
10370700.jpg Butterfly Rosee Sculpture, Gold luster crystal $295.00
1217900.jpg Butterfly Rosee Sculpture, Pink crystal $250.00
10370800.jpg Butterfly Rosee Sculptures, Blue luster and gold luster crystal, set of 2 $600.00
10139300.jpg Caroline Turtle $655.00
1212000.jpg Cherub with Flute Figurine $435.00
1212100.jpg Cherub with Lyre Figurine $435.00
1212200.jpg Cherub with Mandolin Figurine $435.00
1194500.jpg Chrysalide Fairy Figurine $2,400.00
1180900.jpg Chrysis Figurine Clear $895.00
10350500.jpg Chrysis paperweight, Opalescent $1,295.00
1068100.jpg Clochette Fairy Figurine $260.00
1217300.jpg Coaxing Kitten Sculpture $295.00
1162200.jpg Double Fish Sculpture Clear $5,900.00
10370900.jpg Dragonfly Sculpture, Blue luster crystal $295.00
1218100.jpg Dragonfly Sculpture, Clear crystal $275.00
10371000.jpg Dragonfly Sculpture, Gold luster crystal $295.00


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